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Join the movement with Emory’s Move More Challenge

Get ready to track your steps during the 2021 Move More Challenge! The six-week competition begins Monday, March 22. Registration opens on March 1 for all benefits-eligible employees of Emory University and Emory Healthcare.

For the sixth year, Emory employees are invited to participate in Move More, a physical activity challenge that offers an opportunity for fun competition and teamwork among coworkers while tracking steps. Registration opens March 1, with the challenge getting underway March 22.

Now more than ever, physical activity is important as many employees continue to work from home. Last year, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly 5,000 employees from across Emory laced up their shoes and used the Move More Challenge to stay active and connected with each other.

As one of last year’s participants said, “It is easy to forget to move or only go a few hundred steps from the desk to couch to kitchen to bed. [Move More] really helped keep me motivated to leave the house once a day and get fresh air and exercise. I believe that was very good for my mental wellbeing.”

In 2021, Move More returns to a “destination” format with participants walking virtually to 14 Emory University and Emory Healthcare sites by tracking their daily steps with Healthy Emory Connect. One new feature is that each destination includes a featured employee sharing more about her or his work and the ways they get in steps for the challenge.

Sonja Harrast started as a clinical research coordinator at Winship Cancer Institute last March, just in time to join the 2020 Move More Challenge. “I try to keep a regular schedule of exercise, but it's easy to let that slide or get bored with the same routine over time,” she says. “Offering me a challenge not only reminds me to get back on track and shake up my routine a bit. It also makes me push myself a little harder. I plan to get most of my challenge steps by adding more walking to my daily activities like taking the steps rather than the elevator or skipping the shuttle ride and walking from the parking garage.”

Ben Perlman, director of student center operations and events, works from home part time. Even when he’s not on campus, he adds more steps throughout his workday. “I take a lot of my one-on-one phone calls for work during walks, instead of just sitting down and having them.” 

Earn rewards as you walk

Employees who participate in the Move More Challenge will have an opportunity to win prizes and earn Healthy Emory Connect points toward their Emory medical plan incentives.

  • Tracking your steps each day via a validated device can earn up to 140 points per day on Healthy Emory Connect, adding up to 5,880 points during the six-week challenge.
  • Employees who record steps each week of the six-week program will earn 1,000 points and will be eligible to win $40 Pulse Cash.
  • Points will also be awarded for those who meet step thresholds by the end of the challenge: 5,000 points for those who accumulate 250,000 steps, or 10,000 points for those who accumulate 460,000 steps. Prize drawings will be held at the end of the challenge for those who accumulate at least 250,000 steps.
  • One random “surprise” day will be selected each week throughout the challenge. Any participant who has at least 6,000 steps on that day will be included in a drawing for Pulse Cash. It’s best to sync your steps each day, since you don’t know when the “surprise prizes” will occur.

So grab your sneakers and your fitness tracker, and get ready for the 2021 Move More Challenge.

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