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Corrective Action Plan for Data Collection and Reporting

Office of the Provost
Earl Lewis
Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Aug. 17, 2012

The following corrective actions are being taken for data collection and reporting:

Internal control improvements

1. The head of each unit that submits data to Institutional Research will be responsible for oversight of the data and will be required to attest to its validity. 

2. The Director of Institutional Research will be responsible for creating a verified data set for external reporting and will conduct periodic audits of the units to ensure that data are being collected and reported consistently with definitions and procedures that will be established.

3. The Provost is establishing an appropriately skilled independent Data Advisory Committee drawn from multiple units within the University to create and codify definitions for reporting in a shared ‘code book,’ to review policies and procedures related to external data reporting and to advise the Office of the Provost on issues related to data warehousing and reporting.   The code book will be maintained by the Director of Institutional Research.


1. Within the Office of Admission, a data analyst with strong experience and specific training in statistical analysis is being appointed.  This position will ensure accuracy in the analysis of large data sets. 

2. Within the Office of the Provost, the Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Planning is providing oversight and review of all procedures and policies associated with data collection and reporting and will lead the Data Advisory Committee in its work.

Supporting a Culture of Integrity and Open Communication Within the Office of Admission and the University

1. Emory staff in admissions and enrollment management are being reminded of the importance of bringing issues to the attention of their respective managers, the Provost, or the Emory Trust Line (1-888-550-8850). Additional meetings will be held with staff members who were involved in data collection in the past to ensure they understand Emory’s approved processes going forward.

2. In addition, the entire University community will be encouraged anew to bring issues of concern to their supervisors or to the Trust Line if they do not get satisfactory resolution within their unit.

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