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Emory Police Department shares results from 2022 Climate Survey

Editor’s note: The following is a message to the Emory community from Police Chief Cheryl D. Elliott.

Dear Emory Community, 

We are excited to share results of the Emory Police Department’s 2022 Climate Survey, conducted by the Office of Institutional Research. On behalf of the entire department, I want to thank everyone who took the time to share their thoughts and opinions. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to deliver and demonstrate our commitment to shared values for the Emory community.

You can learn more about the results here, but there are a few key points we want to highlight:

  • When interacting with EPD officers, 95 percent of respondents say they were treated with respect.
  • Our community's top three safety concerns involve cars not yielding to pedestrians, speeding cars, bicycles riding against traffic and inadequate campus/street lighting (tie).
  • EPD has launched our Community Partnership group and looks forward to sharing more as they help us to improve information sharing, visibility and accessibility, and timely communication about processes and procedures.

We take your feedback seriously. EPD remains committed to fostering a safe and inclusive campus for everyone. We do this by constantly striving for a climate of trust, respect and transparency, while allowing space for your voice to be heard. We will continue the work you expect from EPD.


Chief Cheryl D. Elliott
Emory Police Department

EPD recently honored student, faculty and staff graduates of the Community Police Academy. This eight-week program provides new insights into public safety at Emory. Participants learn self-defense tactics, visit a DeKalb County courthouse, reenact traffic stops and walk through a mock investigation. The program is offered each semester.

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