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Science Gallery at Emory University partners with Pullman Yards to host upcoming exhibitions

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Pullman Yards will be the host venue for Science Gallery’s upcoming exhibitions and public programs in Atlanta. The first exhibition, “HOOKED: When Want Becomes Need,” launches in the spring.

Science Gallery at Emory University has announced Pullman Yards as the host venue for their upcoming exhibitions and public programs. The first exhibition, “HOOKED: When Want Becomes Need,” co-produced with Science Gallery at King’s College London, will launch in the spring and feature the collaborative talents of Emory researchers and local artists, with a mission of bolstering the city’s reputation for scientific innovation and artistic expression. 

Part of the Science Gallery Network, Science Gallery at Emory University is one of eight unique partnerships across the world creating one-of-a-kind, interdisciplinary learning experiences for teens and young adults. By merging science, art and technology, Science Gallery will showcase a variety of exhibits and programs created to provoke thoughtful dialogue and enrich the minds of its target audience: youth and the creators of tomorrow, as well as the community and visitors to Atlanta. All exhibitions and programs will be free to the public.

“Atlanta is a prominent leader in research, culture and the arts,” says Audrey Chang, director of Science Gallery. “These exhibitions are curated to inspire new ideas and provoke conversation about ourselves and our communities.  At the same time, we seek to celebrate the rich cultural history of Atlanta.”

Located in Atlanta’s historic Kirkwood district, Pullman Yards is a 27-acre, 12-building venue reimagined as a hub for cultural and creative engagement. “Our primary goal is to bring the city of Atlanta and the entire region state-of-the-art creative and cultural experiences,” says Maureen Meulen, partner at Atomic Entertainment of Pullman Yards. “With the opening of Science Gallery and our partnership with Emory University, we’re taking this goal even further.” 

Referred to as “a creative city within a city,” Pullman Yards serves as the ideal venue for an exhibition such as Science Gallery’s “HOOKED.” “We are excited to partner with an organization that is committed to assisting us in creating an innovative, world-class experience for our audience and visitors,” Chang says. 

Leading up to the highly anticipated debut, a series of pop-up events will take place virtually and at other locations around Atlanta. To learn more about Science Gallery at Emory University, and its upcoming events and exhibitions, visit

About Science Gallery at Emory University

Science Gallery at Emory University brings science, art, technology and design together to deliver world-class educational and cultural experiences. Equal parts engaging and interactive, these events and exhibitions are designed to inspire a passion in young people for new ideas and areas of interest, equipping them with resilience, empathy and ethical understanding. 

Science Gallery’s curated programs encourage tomorrow’s leaders to take action and find solutions to the challenges facing both local and global communities. Science Gallery leads by example, conducting an array of comprehensive and interdisciplinary research projects with international impact. Science Gallery at Emory University is a member of Science Gallery Network, consisting of eight leading universities across four continents united around a singular mission: to ignite creativity and discovery where science and art collide.

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