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No longer the ‘hidden gem’, Emory embarks on new 2O36 campaign to transform the future

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President Gregory L. Fenves announces the boldest fundraising campaign in university history: 2O36.

A little over a year into his term as president of Emory University, Gregory L. Fenves set in motion the plan to write Emory’s next chapter with the announcement of the boldest fundraising campaign in university history: 2O36. 

With an eye on Emory’s bicentennial, 2O36 focuses on investing in people for the benefit of people and aims to spearhead a movement to radically rethink and reshape the future. 

“The 2O36 campaign is about forging partnerships with great purpose and bold ambition, to invest in Emory students, faculty, and staff who will shape our destiny, while broadcasting the Emory story with pride,” Fenves says. 

“Too often I have heard Emory referred to as a hidden gem, but there is nothing hidden about our impact. We will write a new chapter for our university that leaves no doubt about our dedication to serving humanity.”

In classrooms, boardrooms, and operating rooms, from the smallest details of brain chemistry to the highest aspirations of humanity, Emory is shaping an expansive future. As a community, the university is creating lasting change.

The campaign includes priorities across Emory, including all nine schools, multiple centers and institutes, as well as Emory Healthcare. Additionally, there are three core areas where the campaign will place special emphasis:

  • Student Flourishing: Seeing students realize their potential; preparing them for a lifetime of accomplishment beyond graduation, providing an inclusive environment; valuing each student and enabling them to excel in all aspects of their lives. 
  • Faculty Eminence: Recruiting and retaining diverse, top-tier faculty; investing in faculty’s big ideas and scholarship and creating a campus where all faculty have the resources and infrastructure to thrive in their research, teaching, and service. 
  • Research Excellence: Launching the next era of Emory excellence in research and discovery to answer the most pressing questions and address the crucial needs of the nation and communities Emory serves. 

Bob Goddard, chair of Emory’s Board of Trustees, shared that the board approved a $4 billion fundraising goal for the campaign. Deeply committed to focusing support through this campaign on people, there are aggressive goals in this area, including $750 million for student support and $900 million in support of faculty.  

“President Fenves hit the ground running, and it’s obvious that he is driven, fearless and single-minded about taking Emory from excellence to eminence,” Goddard says. “But let me be clear, this campaign is not about a number. 2O36 is about investing in people – our students, faculty and researchers – and how they will transform the world.”

Emory will host a series of 2O36 immersive launch events on campus for donors, alumni, students, faculty, and staff to showcase the institution’s vision for the future, followed by events around the country and the world, this fall into the spring. There are four years remaining in the community phase of the overall eight-year campaign. More than $2.6 billion has already been raised in the leadership phase.

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