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Capitol Update: Election reform bills in the Georgia General Assembly

Monday, March 8, marked Crossover Day for Georgia’s 2021 state legislative session, the deadline for a bill to pass out of its originating legislative chamber to the other. Bills that failed to cross over remain eligible for the 2022 session, and in some cases can be added as amendments to legislation that did successfully pass one chamber or the other this year.

The Emory Office of Government and Community Affairs is tracking more than 200 bills that have the potential to impact Emory both on the higher education and health care fronts. This session, much of the attention in the state capitol has been on election reform. Dozens of election reform bills have been introduced this legislative session. Unfortunately, many of the bills that have gained traction seek to limit voter participation and create unnecessary obstacles for eligible Georgians to access the polls. 

“The health and vibrancy of our democracy is dependent on the ability to vote,” says Emory President Gregory L. Fenves. “In America, voting is the cornerstone of civic engagement, empowering us to realize our highest ideals as a nation. As an institution of higher education and health care, Emory supports continued access to voting for our community and all eligible Georgians, and we are concerned about current proposals to limit voting access in our state. We endorse efforts to increase voter participation and eliminate unnecessary obstacles for eligible voters to cast their ballots and share their voices as part of the democratic process. Emory is following the bills before the state legislature and will continue to advocate for elections that are both accessible and of the utmost integrity.”

Emory will continue to work with our legislative delegation to express support for continued access to voting for our community and all eligible Georgians. We encourage you to visit the Emory Votes Initiative, which is a great resource that promotes civic engagement for our community, providing nonpartisan information and support for voter turnout. 

March 31 is expected to be the last day of the state session.

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