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Emory expands access to free, anytime health services for all students

Emory University is taking steps to ensure all students, whether residing on campus or off, have access to robust medical and mental health services and support amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Emory launched the Emory Anytime Health Services website on Monday, which details expanded Emory Student Telehealth services to support medical and mental health care needs of all Emory students, wherever they live.

Emory has partnered with a third-party telehealth provider, TimelyMD, to supplement existing mental health and medical services provided by Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Student Health Services and, on the Oxford campus, Counseling & Career Services (CCS) and Student Health Services.

The expanded offerings announced this week are available to all enrolled undergraduate, graduate and professional students at Emory.  

Students are encouraged to access services in varying ways based on where they reside: in Georgia, outside of Georgia, or outside the U.S. Enrolled students who need medical care and live in the metro Atlanta area or on the Oxford campus are asked to first schedule telehealth appointments with Student Health Services via the portal, especially if the student is experiencing COVID-related symptoms. Students outside of the metro Atlanta area living in the U.S. can access Emory Student Telehealth directly for medical care. 

Students seeking mental health support can access a variety of clinical services and non-clinical support (such as workshops, stress clinics and support groups) through CAPS and CCS, most of which is being offered via telehealth. In-person appointments with Emory providers are limited at this time. 

Psychiatric telehealth for students in Georgia is available through SHS-Psychiatry (Atlanta campus) or CCS (Oxford students). Psychiatric care for students living outside of Georgia but in the U.S. is available through Emory Student Telehealth by referral from CAPS, CCS and Student Health Services.

All enrolled students, whether living within or outside of the United States, can access on-demand mental health support 24/7, using Emory Student Telehealth’s TalkNow service.

“As we all navigate this pandemic, many students in our community are managing tremendous grief, stress, and anxiety  and we want them to know we are in this together,” says Enku Gelaye, dean of Campus Life. “TalkNow, in particular, promises to be an incredibly powerful new tool because it provides additional mental health resources for our students around the world who will be able to talk with a mental health professional anytime, including after hours.” 

As a part of the 2020-21 Emory Community Compact, all students must report to Student Health Services with any symptoms or questions related to COVID-19. The Emory Student Telehealth program is not intended to provide students with health guidance or reporting related to COVID-19.

To access Emory Student Telehealth and to learn about all anytime health services, students can visit

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