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EDH Rehab COVID-19 patient commends staff for outstanding care

Ricky Burnette was glad to be going home this week from EDH! Since his July 31 diagnosis of COVID-19, the 61-year-old has not been his usual strong and independent self. Ricky serves as the Fire Chief for Roswell and is not accustomed to being bed-ridden.

Before checking into EDH Rehab a little over two weeks ago, Ricky was a patient at another community hospital where he was intubated for three weeks. When he came to EDH, he could barely stand or walk without any help. He is now very grateful to be able to walk again without assistance thanks to the staff in the Rehab unit.

Ricky was cared for by a lot of staff members and nurses, but Kaitlyn and Natalie were the two therapists who stood out the most. “They don’t get enough credit for how well they took care of me and helped me get better,” said Ricky. “Katelyn and Natalie were so nice and it was an answered prayer that they were able to help and guide me to get well.”

Not only did Ricky appreciate the rehab staff, but he was also extremely happy with the food and nutrition team. He was pleasantly surprised at how great tasting the hospital food was during his stay. “The food was absolutely spectacular and I felt like I wasn’t far from home,” commented Ricky. He felt that bragging on the food and nutrition team was something that needed to be done because not a lot of people realize how good the food actually is.

“I was nervous to come to Emory Decatur because I did not know much about the hospital,  but I am so glad that I did,” shared Ricky. “The previous hospital saved my life, but this place helped me get back on my feet. I am truly sad to leave these wonderful people who helped me in so many ways.”

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