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Davis Lecture, Scholars Day highlight important research

Tonda L. Hughes, PhD, RN, FAAN, joins Dean Linda McCauley, PhD, RN, FAAN, FAAOHN, at the podium during the Hugh P. Davis Lecture.

Tonda L. Hughes delivered the Hugh P. Davis Lecture, “From Gay Bars to Marriage Equality: Building a Research Career Focused on a Stigmatized and Marginalized population.”

2019 Scholars Day Poster Contest winners were announced just after the lecture.

Undergraduate Winner: Jenny Choe – “Worship Service Modifications to Support African American Families with Dementia”

Master’s Winner: Danielle Dimicali – “Barriers and Promoters to Initializing and Sustaining Breast Feeding Among African American Women”

Doctoral Winner: Ronald Eldridge – “Are We Understanding Career Mortality? A Mediation Model Shows a Larger Impact from Smoking”

From left to right: Jordyn Seidman,

From left to right: Jordyn Seidman, Jenny Choe, Danielle Dimicali, Assistant Prosfessor Sara Edwards, Associate Prof. Ursula Kelly and Sarah Belcher. (Not pictured: Ronald Eldridge)   

Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society Poster Contest winners were also announced.

Graduate and Postgraduate Sigma Theta Tau Winner: Sarah Belcher – “Associations Among Self-management Behavior, Distress, Financial Toxicity and Functional Health Pathways in Adult Survivors of Multiple Primary Cancers”

Undergraduate Sigma Theta Tau Winner: Jordyn Seidman – “Eliminate the Undesirables: The Silencing of the African American Narrative at Georgia’s Central Hospital 1950-1972”

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