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Emory donors break $1M, crush 24-hour online giving challenge

Energized by the #AllInEmory countdown, online donors gave more than $1 million in a single day to meaningful programs, experts, and relationships at Emory University earlier this month.

More than 3,400 gifts were made Feb. 7-8 during the All In a Day: 24 Hours of Change giving challenge, and the $1,002,250 total nearly doubled that of the inaugural All In a Day event in 2017.

“The donors made our second All In a Day a resounding success, and credit goes to our ambassadors—365 alumni and 117 students, along with staff, faculty, parents and friends—who tirelessly promoted matching and challenge gifts,”  said Susan Cruse, Emory’s senior vice president for development and alumni relations.

All In a Day has become such a fun event that encourages investment in Emory students, faculty, and programs, and as our relationships strengthen, so does our community. Behind our donors and ambassadors, All In a Day creates a bold momentum for which we are grateful beyond words.”

Highlights of All In a Day include: 

  • Donors gave $7,438 in the first five minutes of the event, which began at noon Feb. 7.
  • Top ambassadors were Howard Moseson ($8,105 raised) and Jingjing Li (76 total donations). Moseson is a 1989 Emory College graduate who serves on the Emory Annual Giving Board, and Li is a PhD student on the Laney Graduate Student Giving Committee.
  • Ambassadors raised $117,020 of the total through 1,424 gifts.
  • Donors represented all 50 states. The most (1,992) came from Georgia; next were New York (130), Florida (120) and California (105).
  • Donors gave during all 24 hours.
  • #AllInEmory was trending on Twitter in Atlanta during the first four hours and the final four hours.

All In a Day takes places during Founders Week, which marks the first meeting of the Board of Trustees in 1837 following the founding of Emory College. In 2017, the inaugural All In a Day raised $582,722 from 2,246 gifts. 

To volunteer as ambassador or find out more about giving to Emory, contact

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