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Message from Emory President James Wagner on death of Abinta Kabir

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Dear Emory Community,

It is with pained sadness that I write to tell you of the death of Abinta Kabir, an Emory student at Oxford College. Abinta was visiting her family and friends when she was taken hostage and murdered by terrorists in the attack yesterday in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We have very little additional information at this time.

I was able to reach Abinta’s mother, who is in unspeakable pain. Please, as you are inclined, direct your kindest thoughts and sincerest prayers in her behalf and that of her family. 

As for our Emory family, we will be remembering Abinta in the fall, I am sure, as the family directs and is comfortable. In the meantime, counseling and FSAP services are available to those of us who might benefit from those services.

With sadness,

Jim Wagner

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