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3D biopsy system helps Emory doctors better target breast cancer

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Alysia Satchel
Senior Manager, Media Relations

Emory Johns Creek Hospital (EJCH) is now utilizing the new Affirm 3D biopsy system to better target and sample breast lesions that may not have been detected on traditional 2D mammography systems.

The new equipment, which combines imaging and biopsy, uses the same technology for visualizing breast lesions as 3D digital tomosynthesis mammography, currently used for screening and diagnosing breast cancer.

Michael Cohen, MD, FACR, director of breast imaging for Emory Healthcare says 3D digital tomosynthesis has been shown to diagnose more breast cancers than traditional 2D mammography, while reducing the amount of patient call-backs for breast findings that are not cancerous.

Cohen says the new Affirm 3D biopsy system allows doctors to more accurately target and biopsy breast lesions seen only on tomosynthesis, some of which may be small, treatable breast cancers.

Maria Piraner, MD, director of the Center for Breast Care at Emory Johns Creek Hospital, believes “the system has additional advantages aside from the improved ability to target suspicious breast lesions, including reducing procedure time for biopsies and optimizing workflow.”

The new Affirm biopsy device will also feature the integration of an upright chair to provide a more comfortable experience for patients as they undergo the biopsy procedure.

Emory University Hospital will also start using Affirm 3D biopsy equipment this month. Emory University Hospital Midtown will get the technology this summer.

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