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JScreen named one of America's top innovative Jewish organizations

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Holly Korschun

JScreen, a national at-home genetic screening program based out of Emory University School of Medicine, has been named one of North America’s top innovative Jewish organizations in the 2016 Slingshot Guide. The Guide is a go-to resource for volunteers, activists and donors looking for new opportunities and projects that, through their innovative nature, will ensure the Jewish community remains relevant and thriving.

"JScreen is very proud to be selected for the guide for the third year in a row and recognized as one of the most innovative Jewish organizations making a positive impact on the lives of those in the Jewish community," says Karen Arnovitz Grinzaid, JScreen senior director.

Organizations included in the Guide are selected among hundreds of finalists for their innovative approach in driving the future of Jewish life, motivating new audiences to participate in their work, and responding to the needs of individuals and communities, both within and beyond the Jewish community.

Through a simple, at-home saliva test, JScreen allows prospective parents to determine their risk of carrying inherited conditions that are more common in the Jewish community and could be passed on to their future children. JScreen provides screening for over 100 inherited diseases, many of which affect the broader community. The program also provides private counseling to help address test results and risks for these hereditary diseases.

For more information about JScreen, or to request a screening kit, visit

JScreen was launched in 2013 with an investment from The Marcus Foundation and continues to depend on community support to expand its reach. JScreen uses philanthropic gifts to reach into additional Jewish communities across the nation and to assist in reducing the cost of the screenings in an effort to make this unique program more accessible to all who can benefit. To make a gift in support of JScreen, please visit  

About the Slingshot Guide

The Slingshot Guide was created by a team of young funders as a guidebook to help funders of all ages diversify their giving portfolios to include the most innovative and effective organizations, programs and projects in North America. The Guide contains information about each organization’s origin, mission, strategy, impact and budget, as well as details about its unique character. The Slingshot Guide has proven to be a catalyst for next generation funding and offers a telling snapshot of shifting trends in North America's Jewish community – and how nonprofits are meeting new needs and reaching new audiences. The book, published annually, is available in hard copy and as a free download at

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