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Join campus-wide recycling contest this month

Emory’s annual recycling competition continues throughout the month of November.

The contest, from Emory Recycles and the Office of Sustainability Initiatives, will determine which building has the greatest increase in recyclables by weight for November 2015 compared to November 2014.

The building winner will receive $3,000 to spend on dedicated recycling equipment for their facility. Buildings that have shared recycling collection areas will split the prize money.

Various recycling events are planned throughout November. See which buildings are participating.

Emory Recycles offers the following tips to build recycling numbers and make it convenient participate in the contest:

• Ensure your building is properly outfitted. Items such as desk-side recycling bins can be purchased through Emory Express – Staples

• Move unused paper from buildings by cleaning out old filing cabinets. Carts can be ordered from Emory Shredding Services in Emory Express to help move some unused paper from buildings, increasing recycling numbers.

• Buy recycled products. Supporting recycling means not only recycling, but also buying recycled products. The essence of recycling is the cyclical movement of materials through the system. High recycled content can be found in a variety of products from printer paper to office chairs.

• Purge offices of not only unused paper but also unused objects and furniture.

Contact Emory Recycles for help.

For more information, contact Claire Wall, 404-712-8921 or Deena Keeler, 404-727-9275.

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