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Sisters of Mercy serve on hospital board

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Mary Beth Spence
Senior Manager, Media Relations

Throughout its 135 year history, the Sisters of Mercy have served in significant roles and contributed in almost every aspect to the continued development of Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital. The Sisters have served as nurses, administrators and chaplains, as well as members of the hospital's Board of Trustees. From the hospital’s inception in 1880 up until 1970, the Sisters of Mercy, through their Congregational leaders, served as the fiduciary board of Saint Joseph’s Hospital. The first lay-religious Board of Trustees in 1970 included five Sisters of Mercy as well as outstanding lay leaders of the Atlanta community.

Today, Sisters of Mercy Margaret Beatty and Angela Ebberwein continue this important service as hospital Trustees. Along with other board members, Sister Margie and Sister Angela provide oversight for credentialing of physicians, hospital finances, patient quality scores and the continued preservation of the mission of the Sisters of Mercy.

Sister Margie, currently Vice President of Mission Services at St. Joseph's/Candler Hospital in Savannah, has in the past ministered as a high school English teacher, chaplain at a women’s detention center, tutor and as President of the Sisters of Mercy, Province of Baltimore. Over these years Sister Margie has served on several hospital boards, including St. Joseph’s/Candler Hospital in Savannah and, for the past six years, Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital. "It has been a blessing for me to learn so much about healthcare through my service on boards. Emory Saint Joseph's has always been known for its nursing staff, and this is still very much a priority with our board and leadership. The preservation of the mission of the Sisters of Mercy is very important to us."

Sister Angela joined the Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital board member three years ago; she also furthers the Mercy ministry in her role as Vice President of Mission at Mercy Care. Mercy Care was founded when dedicated doctors and nurses from Saint Joseph's began providing care to the homeless living on the streets after the hospital moved to its present location in 1978. Sister Angela has enjoyed being part of Mercy Care’s growth since 1993, from one small building to a community organization providing comprehensive primary care, dental and behavioral health services. Working alongside almost 200 dedicated men and women who “take health care where it’s needed most,” Sister Angela notes, "My twenty-two years with Mercy Care have been a gift and a privilege every day.”

Sister Angela also currently serves as a board member of Saint Joseph's Health System, Mercy Care and Mercy Care Rome. Previously, Sister Angela was President of the Sisters of Mercy of the Baltimore Province. She has served on boards in Baltimore, Savannah, Macon, and Daphne, Alabama.

Together Sisters Margie and Angela, following generations of Sisters of Mercy before them, anchor the board in the Mercy mission of reverence toward each person and commitment to those in need. Together with the lay board members the Sisters guide the hospital to a future full of hope.

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