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Drone offers stunning aerial views of Georgia's St. Catherines Island
St. Catherines Drone Team

From left: Tony Martin, Alison Hight and Michael Page pose before an alligator pond on St. Catherines with the drone. Photo by Ruth Schowalter.

Southern Spaces recently posted incredible aerial drone footage of St. Catherines, an uninhabited and largely undisturbed barrier island off Georgia’s coast. Below is an excerpt from the summary of the project:

"During a week-long visit to St. Catherines in March 2015, Emory University geographer Michael Page, environmental scientist Anthony (Tony) Martin, and graduate student Alison Hight flew a camera-bearing drone over nearly every type of ecosystem on the island: maritime forests, extensive beaches, back-beach meadows, salt marshes, mud flats, fresh-water ponds, and more. Along with colleagues from Georgia Southern University, Page and Martin have worked together at St. Catherines since 2011, locating, describing, mapping, and writing about alligator dens and gopher-tortoise burrows. The use of a drone enables a new way of studying the island's dynamic ecosystems and scouting locations difficult to reach on foot."

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