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Emory invites public to join online discussion about high blood pressure

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High blood pressure, or hypertension, is often called the "silent killer" because it can damage the heart and vessels without a person experiencing any symptoms. Not only can it harm your heart, but it can also cause stroke, kidney damage, vision and memory loss, fluid buildup in the lungs and angina and erectile dysfunction.

Emory Heart & Vascular Center will host a live, interactive web chat on Tuesday, June 23, at 12:00 p.m. EDT to discuss this common medical issue.

Emory Healthcare cardiologist Gina Lundberg, MD, the clinical director of Emory Women's Heart Center and assistant professor of medicine at Emory University School of Medicine, will be available to answer questions and discuss various topics about high blood pressure.

The web chat entitled, "Things You Never Knew About Your Blood Pressure," will cover some of the lesser-known facts surrounding high blood pressure, including over-the-counter meds that can increase blood pressure and silent symptoms of the disease.

In 1998, Lundberg founded and directed the first women's cardiac prevention program in the state of Georgia and in 2007 started the Saint Joseph's Heart Center for Women. In 2014, she helped launch the Emory Women's Heart Center, a program uniquely dedicated to the screening, prevention and treatment of heart disease in women with six locations across the metro Atlanta area.   

Please visit the following link to register for the web chat:

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