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'A Place at the Table' author talks about food, tradition

Susan Rebecca White

A Place at the Table by Susan Rebecca White is the kind of novel that stays with you long after the last page has been turned. It's a brilliant slice of life about the genteel South and the bustle of New York City, a coming-of-age story that touches on self-actualization and the oft-tender topics of slavery, homosexuality and race. As the book description reads, "From Susan Rebecca White, award-winning author of A Soft Place to Land and Bound South, comes a breathtaking story of three richly nuanced outcasts whose paths converge in a chic Manhattan café as they realize they must give up everything they thought they knew to find a home at last."

At its center, A Place at the Table shares a love story with food, and explores how that connection shapes life through the years. EmoryWire sat down with the author to explore our shared love of food.

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