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Emory remains neutral on DeKalb cityhood proposals

The cityhood movement in DeKalb County continues to grow as various neighborhood groups unveil municipal incorporation plans in advance of the upcoming Georgia legislative session set to begin in January.

Media reports have speculated on Emory University’s position regarding cityhood and which proposals it may or may not endorse. At this time, no decision has been made.

“Currently the university is monitoring various jurisdictional proposals. We are hopeful that the evaluation process will be transparent and fair, so that we and our neighbors can weigh the best alternatives,” says Charlie Harman, Emory’s vice president of government affairs.

Harman says Emory will make a decision regarding these questions that is in the long-term best interest of the institution to ensure that the university will continue to thrive and fulfill its mission with excellence. “We will work to keep the Emory community informed as the process moves forward,” Harman says.  

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