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Crushing myths, pinning down facts about insects

The first day, I flinched," says Emily Fu of the Emory Maymester course "Insect Biology." She recalls feeling queasy as the professor, Jaap de Roode, showed a series of close-up images of creepy crawlers.

"I was seriously considering dropping the class. But as we learned more about them, and how awesome they are, I actually started to appreciate them," says Fu, a junior majoring in biology and psychology. "Insects are really complex and much smarter than most people realize."

Fu and the 11 other undergraduates in the class created a buzz in the biology department recently when they unveiled dozens of pinned and mounted specimens they collected during four field trips. The students also displayed scientific posters they created for insect orders that particularly intrigued them, wowing guests at the reception with their newfound knowledge.

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