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Conversation with 'Sleepy Hollow' producer and alum Mark Goffman

Mark Goffman. Photo Credit: Studio System News, Diane Panosian.

Before he was an executive producer for the hit network television show "Sleepy Hollow," Mark Goffman (Emory College, 1990) was an Emory student.

EmoryWire’s Michelle Valigursky sat down for a conversation with the legendary producer, writer and professional.

Nominated for numerous industry awards, 20th Century Fox Television’s Sleepy Hollow brings Washington Irving's Revolutionary War soldier Ichabod Crane screeching into the modern world with the first Horseman of the Apocalypse on his heels. Combine that powerful moment with a mysterious surge in murders and hauntings in modern day New York, and you've got the formula for a must-watch drama that critics hail as "suspenseful" and "first and foremost, handsomely produced horror, good-looking and BOO! scary."

At LA's Boneyard Bistro over dinner, Goffman shares his expertise about creating visual drama on film that leaves people talking . . . and wanting season after season of cliffhanging shows.

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