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Legacy leader awarded national partnership award

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The Emory Centers for Training and Technical Assistance at Rollins School of Public Health honored Amber Bullock, executive vice president of Program Development at Legacy, (formerly the American Legacy Foundation), with the Emory Centers National Partners Leadership Award. The annual award recognizes the contributions of a national public health leader whose commitment to collaboration among diverse partners leads to improved health in communities across the US.

"We want to celebrate Amber's tireless encouragement and support for innovative programming to reduce the scourge of tobacco use and achieve healthy equity throughout the United States," states Linelle Blais, director, Emory Centers for Training and Technical Assistance. "We are pleased to show our gratitude for Amber's stalwart support by bestowing her with this honor."

Throughout her 30-year career, Amber Bullock has skillfully led efforts to transfer research, knowledge and skills to organizations and individuals on the frontlines making progress in adult and youth tobacco prevention.

"Over the years, I've been blessed to work with some very committed and smart advocates," comments Bullock. "Collectively, mountains have been moved and if we are going to significantly impact and improve behavioral and social norms for healthier communities, we will need to bring all of the available resources that we respectively can muster, to our programs. All of our various tobacco control partners have an important role to play in creating the next smoke-free generation."

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