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LGBTQ Person of the Year explores male-female connection

In his plays, Scott Turner Schofield raises thought-provoking questions about how people define “normal” or “typical” boy or girl behavior. Photo by Abby Gaskins.

Once upon a time there lived a little girl, who knew he was a boy, who became a woman, who grew into a man, who became a whole person who advocates for gender expression and women’s rights. Her name was Katie Lauren Kilborn, then gender-neutral Kt, then Turner. Now he is actor and activist Scott Turner Schofield (2002, Emory College), and his story of courage and character is nothing short of remarkable.

The multi-step journey from female to male involved plenty of emotional upheaval, medical decision making, psychological counseling, personal risk, and triumph. For Schofield, there was no choice. “I always knew I was a boy,” he says, “even when I was little.” But, he reflects about the blue-eyed blonde girl he once embodied, “People had no context for that type of change.”

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