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Emory Saint Joseph's receives national orthopaedics designation

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Mary Beth Spence
Senior Manager, Media Relations

Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital has been named one of the best hospitals in the nation for hip and knee replacements by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

The CMS study evaluated how often a hospital's patients were readmitted within 30 days of discharge and also looked at how often patients suffered a serious complication after the operation, such as a blood clot, infection, problem with the artificial joint or death.

While Medicare rated most hospitals as average, the study identified 97 hospitals that did better than average in avoiding either readmissions or complications. Out of the 97 hospitals in that category, Emory Saint Joseph's was listed among the top 25 that were rated as being better at both measures.

"We are blessed to have one of the premiere knee and hip replacement programs in the country, which is a credit to our dedicated and talented physicians and staff," said Scott Schmidly, CEO of Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital. "This exhaustive review by CMS analyzed clinical data amassed over a three year period, which makes this recognition even more significant because it speaks to the consistently excellent service our orthopaedic program provides to the region. We have seen tremendous success and growth over the years, and our teams' innovative approaches to pain management, surgical care and rehabilitation will continue to set us apart.  At Emory Saint Joseph's, orthopedic surgeons are completing minimally-invasive total joint replacement procedures, which have been shown to speed both surgery and recovery times for many patients," he added.

Over the past several years, hip and knee replacement surgeries across the nation have seen significant growth. In the traditional Medicare program, approximately 600,000 patients each year have their hips or knees replaced. This CMS evaluation of hip and knee surgery outcomes is the first time that Medicare has rated hospitals' performances on two common elective procedures. Further, this evaluation presents a new advantage for patients who now have the ability to research a hospital's record before scheduling surgery.

"This designation is an honor and reflects the dedication and collaborative effort of our multidisciplinary team, including nurses, physical therapists, care management and our total joint physicians," said Michele Chisolm, Unit Director of Complex, Medical/Surgical Orthopaedics.

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