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Emory policies discourage space heaters

As winter creeps closer and falling temperatures have us digging out our heavier sweaters, it's tempting to add an extra boost of warmth to our work areas with a space heater. Before reaching for that heater, however, take a moment to remember Emory's space heater policy.

Purchasing a space heater with University funds is prohibited, and space heaters are banned from all business and administration units. 

Emory's temperature policy keeps temperatures consistent and saves energy by avoiding over-heating and cooling. Using space heaters disrupts this equilibrium, forcing building systems to work harder to compensate. Coupled with the substantial energy use of the heaters themselves, this can have a serious impact on Emory's energy consumption.

Space heaters are problematic in other ways as well. If your workspace is cooler than the temperature policy's 68 degrees, using a space heater can actually disguise the problem and prevent maintenance. Additionally, space heaters are, by their very nature, a fire hazard.    

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to wear layers or use a lap blanket if building temperatures are cooler than preferred. If there are issues with temperatures in your building falling below 68 degrees, contact Campus Services at 404-727-7464.

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