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A decade of teaching grant writing excellence

GWP co-director Mark Risjord offers feedback to a student at the spring 2013 Intensive Grant Writing Workshop.

The Laney Graduate School's innovative Grant Writing Program celebrates its 11th year this fall.

Co-sponsored by the Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry, the Grant Writing Program plays a vital role in helping LGS students secure funding for their research and post-doctoral projects. Some two thousand students from across the LGS have participated in the program, and many have successfully leveraged their training to procure funding to carry out exciting work around the world.

In 2002, the Grant Writing Program began as an annual information forum for grant writing students in the humanities and humanistic social sciences. Since then, the program has expanded into a suite of multiple events including a general Grant Writing Forum, regular First Year Grant Forums, Beginning Grant Writing Workshops, an Intensive Grant Writing Workshop, and a semesterly Proposal Writing Institute. All these events are committed to helping students master grant writing as a genre, and to giving them vital insights into the often intimidating processes of research design, proposal construction and funder evaluations.

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