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Vega stars at the planetarium

Stars of light and sound combine for an evening of entertaining knowledge at the Emory Planetarium on Friday, Sept. 6, at 7 p.m.

"Musical Stars" features physicist Richard Williamon, director of the Emory Planetarium, and Emory's Vega String Quartet. The planetarium is located in the Mathematics and Science Center.

"Vega, the star, is the brightest in the summer sky, and was the inspiration for the Quartet's name," Williamon says, explaining that the musical group was at the Aspen Music Festival and inspired by the brilliance of Vega in the clear Colorado sky. 

"Lyra is the constellation of the ancient harp of Orpheus, and Vega anchors the constellation.  You'll have to come to the program to see exactly how the harp wound up in the sky!" he says.

The Quartet will give a musical performance and Williamon will show the sky, pointing out Vega and Lyra during the presentation.

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