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Password change is easy and essential

The past few weeks have seen a flurry of activity regarding password security at Emory. The final deadline for faculty, staff and individuals with sponsored accounts to change their Emory ID password is Tuesday, Sept. 10.  

Those who still need to change their password should do so immediately. Passwords that haven't been changed by Sept. 10 will be expired, and users will not be able to access key Emory University information systems, such as email or wireless, until they change their passwords.    

Students were required to change their passwords by Sept. 3.   

"We have just completed a very successful password change process for our student community, with over 15,000 student password accounts changed," reported Rich Mendola, enterprise chief information officer.  

This coordinated password change across all Emory University accounts is being done to protect Emory as an institution.  Applied broadly, regular password changes are the simplest method of protecting Emory from future attacks.  

Emory's Library and Information Technology Services (LITS) simplified and clarified the process for password changes and the general consensus is that the process works well.  

According to Laura Pokalsky, incident coordinator for Emory College, "I see all the tickets that come in regarding password changes. There have been surprisingly very few complaints about having to do the change."  

The key for a successful password change is to read over the procedure, gather the appropriate devices, and get started.  

"If folks read and follow the instructions, the password change goes much more smoothly," says John Ellis, LITS director of integration.  

It is important to perform the password change as soon as possible. Those who delay until the last minute on Sept. 10 could end up waiting for customer support.  

If you need assistance updating your password or have trouble connecting to EmoryUnplugged with your mobile devices, contact your local IT support, or call the Emory University Service Desk at 7-7777, where staff are available to help.

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