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Summertime parking in Emory Village: The rules still apply

Though campus traffic thins around the University during summer months, local motorists take note: Parking rules for neighboring Emory Village are still being rigorously enforced, even during summer months.  

Emory police acknowledge receiving increased complaints recently about vehicles being booted for illegal parking in several private lots located in Emory Village, including those adjacent to CVS and behind Zoe's Kitchen and the block of shops that includes Rise-n-Dine.

However, the Emory Police Department isn't behind the booting.  

Instead, illegally parked vehicles have been the target of a sharp-eyed private contractor, whom property owners have engaged for years to help monitor and enforce posted parking rules in the village, says Stuart Meddin, president of the Meddin Company, who owns property in Emory Village.  

The contractor — informally known as "Fred the Booter" — closely observes motorists when they park in private lots to ensure that they are exclusively patronizing Emory Village restaurants and retailers, confirms Meddin, who is an Emory alumnus.  

"Nobody wants to see someone get booted, but sadly, it's out of necessity — there simply aren't a lot of parking spaces," Meddin says.  

"What the booting contractor does, very leniently, is allow people to shop, dine and visit different stores. But when they leave the village and go to campus they will be booted," he adds.  

That means motorists who park in private lots and dart over to campus for a meeting or errand before or after doing business in the village are being monitored, Meddin explains.  

Those who decide to "chance it" may return to find not only a booted car tire, but face a hefty fine to have the boot removed, he confirms.  

Meddin says it's important to remember that parking lots in Emory Village are provided only for people patronizing local businesses.  Park in the village — and stay in the village — and you'll be fine, he says.  

Vehicles parked in Emory Village on North Decatur Road do not fall under the same restrictions, since the one-hour, on-street parking spots are controlled by DeKalb County authorities, he adds.  

Located near the southern entrance to campus at Oxford and North Decatur roads, Emory Village is an independent commercial business district neither owned by nor formally affiliated with the University, says Betty Willis, senior associate vice president of governmental and community affairs.  

However, Emory has a supportive, neighborly relationship with the village and has worked closely with the Alliance to Improve Emory Village — a nonprofit community group dedicated to revitalizing the historic commercial district — to offer advice and assistance with fundraising and enhancements, Willis says.  

"We certainly want to encourage people to come down there, but they should be mindful of the fact that private parking lots are for patrons," she says.  

"If you want to run a quick errand to campus, we highly encourage visitors to try the Oxford Road deck, where they can stay all day," Willis advises. "While it is paid parking, it is still cheaper than paying to have a boot removed from your car."

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