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Google marketing insights from Emory alum on the inside

When Google was but a fledgling company, the Internet search and advertising behemoth developed a number of tenets for success. Kathy Daly-Jennings 94MBA, Google's head of industry for the retail practice, says that strategy was front and center from the start. "Number one on the company's Ten Things We Know to Be True list," Daly-Jennings says, was "Focus on the user and all else will follow."

Daly-Jennings is responsible for a team that delivers advertising sales and support to some of the largest retailers in Google's southeastern region.

The biggest lesson learned over the years, Daly-Jennings says, is that a cutting-edge tech firm needs to remember the fundamentals of marketing. She credits Goizueta Business School for giving her a firm understanding of both worlds.

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