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Water competition results in significant savings

Campus buildings competed to reduce water usage in a water conservation challenge that compared usage during February 2013 to the same month in 2012. The winner in each category — residential, research and administrative/classroom — will be awarded $1,000 to go toward sustainability efforts in the building.

Sponsored by the Office of Sustainability Initiatives, the water competition helps raise awareness about the importance of water conservation and ways that building occupants can make an impact on water consumption.

The winners of the 2013 water competition are:

  • Clifton Tower in the residence category;

  • White Hall in the administrative/classroom category;

  • Yerkes Primate Research Center in the research category.

The winning buildings achieved a combined savings of over $31,000 in February compared to February 2012 water consumption levels.

"Small changes make a significant impact," says Ciannat Howett, director of sustainability initiatives. "Turning off a faucet while you lather your hands or reporting a leak can be a simple act, but the effects are cumulative — resulting in a reduced environmental footprint as well as cost savings."

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