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Build skills for a wireless world at ECIT workshops

"Living Successfully in a Wireless World" is the theme for spring semester offerings from the Emory Center for Interactive Teaching (ECIT).  

Following that theme, ECIT is featuring a series on exploring hybrid learning and ways to use online learning tools.

The latest session is "Hybrid Learning" on Tuesday, Feb. 26, at 1:30 p.m. in the ECIT classroom 217. There will be hands-on demonstrations of strategies for leveraging social media tools like Twitter, Google Docs, and public blogs to create hybrid classrooms.

Participants can offer and discuss ideas for integrating mass collaboration in a course they are currently teaching or plan to teach.

Hybrid learning, explains ECIT Coordinator Chris Fearrington,"is based around blending traditional face-to-face courses with technology to enhance the student learning environment and outcomes. For example, utilizing a blog or discussion board to extend the classroom discussion beyond the physical walls, or having students watch short pre-recorded lectures before arriving to class, enabling the instructor to maximize class time." 

The hybrid learning series is being facilitated by Georgia State University professors Pete Rorabaugh and Robin Wharton, both of whom "have a good bit of background in digital pedagogy," Fearrington says.  

On Thursday, Feb. 28, ECIT hosts "WordPress: Blogs and Webpages for Learning." This session will focus on using Scholarblogs, the Emory-supported WordPress platform for research and teaching.

"With the WordPress session, we will have an overview of the process and some examples from faculty who are using it. The main purpose will be to show the pedagogical value and how faculty can use blogs," Fearrington says, "plus we'll discuss best practices for using WordPress."  

Students and instructors will talk about their experiences of what works and what doesn't in "Myths of Online Learning" on Monday, March 18. The session explores the top common myths about what online learning is and what technologies support this type of learning environment.

The free sessions are limited to 25 participants. Visit the ECIT Events Calendar to register.  

In addition to these offerings, Fearrington says ECIT will feature additional sessions this semester in conjunction with the Center for Faculty Development and Excellence.

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