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Emory's 2102 annual report also looks at priorities for 2013

Emory University's priorities for 2013 include empowering faculty responsibility for the institution's future, enhancing student education and experiences, and exploring new markets for resource growth.

"I would like to lift our sights to some broader matters that have captured our attention -- matters that promise to shape the direction of our university life for years to come," writes Emory President James W. Wagner in the university's 2012 Annual Report. "Some would see them as threats; I hope that we might see them as opportunities."

The report, available online at, identifies nine institutional priorities within three broad areas, including engaging the community, enhancing the education Emory provides, and responding to a changing world.

"In order to seize these opportunities, we must be disruptively innovative," Wagner writes.

The report also takes stock of the university's progress with specific goals of the 10-year strategic plan begun in 2005. It outlines steps for wrapping up that initiative and beginning the next phase of strategic review.

This year's online report uses a single-page, responsive design to offer new ways to view and interact with stories, multimedia and financial data. The presentation makes it easy for readers to browse the report on mobile as well as desktop devices.

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