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New campus signage identifies safe havens for severe weather

In an effort to improve campus preparedness for dangerous weather, the Office of Critical Event Preparedness and Response (CEPAR) and Campus Services, with guidance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, have identified areas of safe refuge for tornado protection on Emory's main campus as well as Oxford and Grady campuses.


An example of the new signage.

This week a total of 275 signs will be posted across each campus to identify at least one room or hallway designated as an area of safe refuge. This is the first time that tornado safe havens have been identified.

"We realized that many people didn't know where to go if they encountered severe weather on campus," says Sam Shartar, senior administrator for CEPAR. "Now there will be signs placed outside of these designated spaces that indicate the safest place to be if you encounter inclement weather while on campus."

The designated areas will be identified on the evacuation plan diagram posted on the floor where the shelter is located, as well as on Emory's interactive campus map. The signs will have a QR code that links to the "Just In Time" guide to campus emergencies for steps to be taken during a tornado.

Signage will also be posted on Cliff shuttles to help inform the communities of severe weather refuge areas.

For more information regarding what to do in emergency situations on Emory's campus, visit

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