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The Academic Exchange now available as interactive iBook

The Academic Exchange and Faculty Services of University Technology Services have collaborated to produce the first supplementary iBook edition of the Academic Exchange, enhanced with multimedia and interactive content. This edition contains two articles from the Spring 2012 issue that now include videos, 3D animation and more.

This is the first Emory-produced iBook, notes editor Allison Adams.

In the feature based on Howard Kushner's essay on handedness and brain laterality, read and experience how left-handedness has been understood and explained over human history and its associations with both disorders and talents. In the feature based on David Nugent's essay on the Master's in Development Program and the future of the liberal arts, view several videos that examine the meaning and impact of the program on approaches to understanding and addressing global problems of poverty and conflict.

Also watch for future iBook editions of the AE throughout the year. 

Download the free iBook. Note: Currently this book may only be viewed using iBooks 2 on an iPad. iOS 5 is required.

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