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Election 2012: Emory experts available

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Emory University experts are available to discuss various aspects of the 2012 presidential election process, including the campaigns, voters, polling and election forecasting, tax policy, jobs and the economy.

For a full list of available political experts and multimedia, visit the Election 2012 expert page.

National Politics

Merle Black is a renowned expert on national politics and the foremost authority on Republican politics and the South. He is the coauthor of "Divided America: The Ferocious Power Struggle in American Politics." 404.727.6570, email Merle Black

Alan Abramowitz is a widely known expert on national politics, election forecasting, and voter polarization. His latest book is “The Polarized Public?: Why American Government Is So Dysfunctional.”  404.727.0108, email Alan Abramowitz

Andra Gillespie specializes in political mobilization and race, as well as competition between minority groups.  She also studies evangelical politics. Her current research focuses on the political leadership of the post-civil rights generation, and she is the author of “The New Black Politician: Cory Booker, Newark and Post-Racial America”(NYU Press, 2012).

Economic Recovery, Fiscal Policy

Jeffrey Rosensweig, associate professor of international business and finance, and director of the Global Perspectives Program, can discuss the economic policies of the Republican and Democratic candidates and what the upcoming job numbers for September and October will hold for the presidential campaigns. 404-727-6360, email Jeffrey Rosensweig

Federal Tax Policy

Dorothy Brown, professor of tax law and author of “Race, Class and the Obama Tax Plan” (Denver Law Review, 2009). 404-712-8218, email Dorothy Brown.

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