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Referendum could help create jobs, economic opportunity

Passage of the July 31 regional transportation referendum would bring light rail service directly to Emory and the Clifton Corridor, but it would also strengthen and sustain Atlanta's economic competitiveness, said Betty Willis, senior associate vice president for governmental and community affairs.

During a recent news conference, Willis said passage of the referendum would help create 200,000 jobs, enhance connectivity to other research universities, and attract new development opportunities along the corridor.

At the news conference, which was held to discuss how the referendum would benefit the Clifton Corridor, Jason Frost, vice president of Cousins Properties with the Emory Point mixed-use development, emphasized that "this is an area that has seen consistent job growth during the economic downturn," adding that "we need to keep that momentum going."

If approved, the penny tax would raise an estimated $7.2 billion over 10 years to fund 157 regional transportation projects across 10 metro Atlanta counties.

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