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10 tips for a healthy Peachtree Road Race run
Emory Healthcare provides a few tips to ensure Peachtree Road Race participants are in top form for the annual Fourth of July race in Atlanta.

1. Hydrate yourself frequently before, during and after running in order to loosen muscles.

2. Warm up and/or stretch before the race to loosen tight muscles.

3. Run slower in hot weather in order to avoid heat stroke, heat cramps or heat exhaustion.

4. Use hand lotion on feet and areas of chafing to prevent skin damage and blisters.

5. Don’t forget to use sunscreen to protect against sunburn.

6. Wear sunglasses to reduce glare and avoid tripping.

7. When your energy is gone, imagine someone running in front of you and pulling you forward.

8. Get your rest! Sleep one extra minute each night for every mile you run. For example, if you run 30 miles a week, sleep 30 additional minutes each night.

9. Change soggy, sweaty socks soon after the run and stuff shoes with newspaper to avoid moisture buildup.

10. Pay attention to your body! If you experience pain during or after the race and it does not go away, something may be wrong.

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