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Profile of Emory University 2012 graduates

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Emory University graduated approximately 4,207 students from the academic year 2011-12. Of those students, 71 received simultaneous degrees. An approximate total of 4,278 degrees were awarded: 2,231 undergraduate degrees; 1,356 master’s degrees; 678 doctoral degrees (professional and research) and 13 certificates.
Of the graduates, 43.2 percent are male and 56.8 percent are female. About 46.8 percent of the graduates are Caucasian; 17.1 percent are Asian/Pacific Islander; 10.9 percent are Black; 5.2 percent are Hispanic and 20 percent represent other minorities or are of unspecified race from the United States and abroad. There are 694 students from 85 additional countries. All 50 states are represented.
There are 23 degree candidates age 50 and older. The oldest bachelor's degree recipient is a 53-year-old scheduled to earn a bachelor of science in nursing, and the youngest is a 19-year-old scheduled to earn a bachelor of arts in economics. There are 25 military service veterans graduating.
In Emory College of Arts and Sciences (the main undergraduate college), 46.8 percent of the graduates have earned a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher. The average GPA of Emory College graduates is 3.38.
Note: These figures are correct as of May 9. The final figures may be different after all final exam data are tabulated. If exact final figures are needed, contact Beverly Clark at 404-712-8780.

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