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Military veterans enhance MBA classroom dynamics

Goizueta Business School alumnus Matt Smith serves as a lieutenant colonel and chief of operations for the Georgia Army National Guard. He sees convergences between military and business skills.

Military training and MBA programs have interesting parallels, and some suggest it may be the result of "the emphasis on integrity and leadership."

Perhaps that's why Goizueta Business School has increasingly become a destination for veterans looking to make a leap into the business world.

For many veterans turned students, not only is the classroom an opportunity to learn new skills, but it also offers them the chance to share their leadership experience with others. This enhances classroom dynamics and reinforces the school's commitment to a diverse student body, resulting in students who learn from each other as well as from seasoned instrutors and from co-curricular experiences.

And for military veterans applying to Goizueta, scholarship and networking opportunities abound.

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