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How do you lead? C-level alums provide perspectives

Emory College and Goizueta Business School alumna Shan Carr Cooper is Vice President and General Manager at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in Atlanta, Georgia.

For most students, graduation is the continuation of a journey that can take them to the top of a global organization or lead them to launch a new business.

In this story, a dozen C-level alumni of Goizueta Business School answer the same single question: "How do you lead?"

Among the featured profiles:

  • Shan Carr Cooper, Vice President and General Manager, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics: "I try to be open in a way that makes me approachable — so people feel they can bring me the good, the bad and the ugly."
  • Jim Lanzone, President, CBS Interactive: "What has paid off for me time and time again has simply been the willpower to go the extra mile to make things happen."
  • Jim Wong, Corporate President, Acer Inc.: "Always believe in the basics, such as teamwork, speed, efficiency and innovation."

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