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Newly admitted public health students welcomed at Visit Emory event

Flash mobbers invade visit Emory

On the first day of Visit Emory, a group of students and staff surprised admitted students with a flash mob performance.

On March 22-23, RSPH hosted its annual Visit Emory event for newly admitted students. This program provides prospective students with in-depth information about the academic environment at the Rollins School of Public Health and the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the student life experience.

The activities offered to the 270 admitted students allowed them to interact with the Emory student body, talk with faculty members, and tour the school and campus.

Additionally, visiting students were introduced to our community partners through activities such as the CDC Museum Tours and the Rollins Research and Opportunities Fair.

Research and opportunities fair

At the Visit Emory Research and Opportunities Fair at RSPH, approximately 40 research projects and co-curricular engagement opportunities were exhibited, offering visiting students a close-up view of the ingenuity behind our community’s research and contributions to the field of public health.

The RSPH research portfolio has the potential to save lives, benefit communities, empower individuals, and directly impact the practice of public health. Research is one of the principal missions of RSPH involving faculty and students alike. 

Visiting students had the opportunity to explore and discuss a myriad of research projects and co-curricular programs that included health risks from environmental exposures, infectious disease control, health disparities, substance abuse, and community development and engagement.

The visiting student perspective

Visit Emory participants were so motivated by their experience that they shared their impressions of RSPH in an online message board. Here is what they had to say:

Focus on students
"Before visiting the campus, I could already tell that they place a lot of focus on students. They are so helpful in responding to my concerns, and the faculty members knew each student. Also, they placed major emphasis on career development (I mean MAJOR). RSPH also has its own career development office and career fairs just for RSPH students.”

Visit Emory sealed the deal
"Another vote for 'super impressed'. I was already leaning very much toward Emory from the outset, and the Visit Emory event just sealed the deal. I declined all my other offers today and sent in my deposit!"

Felt at home
"I went to Visit Emory this weekend from Thursday to Saturday, and I really enjoyed myself. To give some background, I've been out of school for five years working in the financial sector, and I felt right at home in the HPM (health policy and management) department.

"Transitioning from a professional environment back to academia is slightly intimidating, but I felt more at ease after going to the visit day. I definitely felt that the faculty took the time to get to know prospective students, and I really appreciated it. As I was walking to one of the events, the associate dean and the admissions director recognized my face from the October open house and went out of their way to say hello and welcome me. So the friendly vibe doesn't seem fake or ingenuous at all because I literally ran into them out of the blue."

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