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Faculty training program tracks impact of teaching with technology

Technology is proliferating in classrooms, but does anyone know how it enhances student engagement and learning?

That's one of the goals of the Active Learning and Engagement Initiative (ALEI), a collaboration between Emory's Center for Interactive Teaching and the Center for Faculty Development and Excellence. An initial cohort of nine pre-selected faculty participated in three half-day immersion sessions prior to spring semester. Those sessions covered Web 2.0 tools, Blackboard, social media such as the uses of Twitter, iTunesU and podcasting, video and media tools, along with assessment strategies, says Leah Chuchran, a business analyst in University Technology Services who co-led the sessions with Wayne Morse, director of ECIT. All 11 Faculty Services subject matter experts were involved in the sessions, either facilitating sessions or working among the faculty.

"Another goal of this initiative is to offer faculty an in-depth program based on technology's role in teaching that occurs during the semester," says Morse. "With ALEI, we also hope to bring faculty from across the University together to share their experiences and build a community of practice."

Registration opens Monday, Feb. 6 for a spring session of ALEI, which will be held for nine Mondays starting Feb. 26. Participation will be capped at 15-20 faculty for the weekly 90-minute sessions. For registration information, email Leah Chuchran.

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