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Committee on Class and Labor to survey employees

A survey from the Committee on Class and Labor about working at Emory is expected to hit the email inboxes of University employees on Feb. 20.

All responses will be completely anonymous.

The survey, intended to take only 10 to 15 minutes to complete, covers a wide range of topics, including opportunities for advancement, satisfaction about work relationships, commuting choices, education levels, family backgrounds, and awareness of benefits and employment policies.

Appointed in February 2011 by Provost Earl Lewis and Executive Vice President Mike Mandl, the Committee on Class and Labor is charged with examining the effect of class and status on work experience at Emory.

The first phase of the committee's work is focused on the non-faculty work force and does not extend to Emory Healthcare.

Nadine Kaslow, a professor in the School of Medicine and co-chair of the committee, says, "We have been gathering a lot of excellent narrative and qualitative information through focus groups and in meetings with various individuals during the past year. But it is critical that we balance this information with quantitative data from those who are the focus of our work—Emory employees."

She stressed that the aim of the survey is to help sharpen the recommendations the committee will be making later this spring.

Emory employees with questions about the survey may contact Kaslow or co-chair Gary Hauk, vice president and deputy to the president.

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