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Saluting the Dean's Council

The Community Advisory Board in 1991. Members included (front L-R) Alicia Philipp, Betty Fuller, Leslie Graitcer, (middle) Ingrid Saunders Jones, Alexis Scott Reeves, Cathy Selig, Carlos Martel, (top) Cecil Phillips, Ray Greenberg, John Holder, and Bud Seretean

Several years ago, a conversation in Burma put Anne Kaiser on the path to becoming chair of the RSPH Dean’s Council.

“I have had an interest in global nutrition and water quality for quite some time through travels with my husband around the world,” says Kaiser. “During one of those trips to Burma, I talked with Jane Shivers about both topics. She shared stories about the Dean’s Council and asked if I would be interested. The rest is personal history.”

At the time, Shivers did what members of the Dean’s Council are wont to do—raise awareness about Rollins.

“The Dean’s Council supports the school by being the eyes, ears, voice, and ambassadors for the school,” says Kaiser. “We also provide what I call ‘bookend support’—our group believes in who we are and what we do. Our members excel in providing that support to the school.”

For the past 20 years, Dean’s Council members have met regularly to learn about the RSPH from faculty, students, and alumni. In turn, council members share what they learn with other business, community, and philanthropic leaders. Now more than 50 members strong, the Dean’s Council began in 1991 as the Founding Advisory Board and evolved into the Community Advisory Board. Renamed in 1995 as the Dean’s Council, the group includes RSPH Dean James Curran and Kathryn Graves, associate dean for development and external relations.

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