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Adopting a scholar eases transition to nursing student

Though they now live in different states, Tracey Wilds (left) and Amy Blumling stay connected through the Adopt-a-Scholar Program. They are shown here at a scholarship recognition reception last spring.

Tracey Wilds 88OX 91N is a transition expert. At Emory University Hospital (EUH) Midtown, she was one of the first nurse practitioners to help patients manage their care after leaving the hospital.

This past spring, Wilds joined the Lehigh Valley Health Network in Pennsylvania as the first nurse practitioner in the network’s Home Health Division, where she helps with transition of care.

And last fall, she eased the transition to nursing school for BSN student Amy Blumling 09OX 12N. The two met through Emory’s Adopt-a-Scholar Program, through which Wilds provides scholarship support and serves as a mentor to Blumling.

Mentor and mentee have much in common: Both graduated from Oxford College and attended Emory College to complete their prerequisite courses for nursing school. Blumling grew up in Pennsylvania, where Wilds now lives.

“I had a crazy first year going from college student to nursing student,” says Blumling. “Because of Tracey, I saw it was possible to get through nursing school and juggle family and work.”

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